ROK Update R18

Posted on December 5th, 2017 08:45 PM EST
This release contains fixes for the network optimizations alongside new ones. Official servers have been wiped. We do not believe this update will require a wipe for community servers.

Please post any bugs you find, or issues with the game in the bug forums:

We continue to work with EAC on further changes to prevent hacking. Please remember that any hackers caught will have their access to the game perma-banned.

If you want to report an exploit, or hacker, and learn about our process, please read this thread:

Please follow this guide for updating your community server:

Please continue to list bugs, balancing thoughts, and email us about exploits. We plan to do a wipe on the first Tuesday of each month to keep the servers running well, and the game fresh. We expect the next wipe to be on (Edit) January 2nd.


- Switched any usages of time functions to use a more stable and consistent timing mechanism.
- Fixed a bug where streams that are batched properly respect the order in which they were sent.
- Fixed a bug where existing players would slowly slide down hills and desynchronize if you logged in after them and they did not move.
- Reduced the number of not-so-useful logs in the server console.


- Optimized the networking backend by batching multiple very small packets into larger packets.
- Made it so the movement syncing sends more frequent unreliable messages and less frequent reliable messages for optimization reasons.
- Optimized the internal management of stream allocation. Streams are returned to the pool immediately now.
- Reduced the amount of garbage created from creating network recipients and from networking in general.

Thanks for Playing,
- The Code}{atch Team
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