Reign of Kings Update R7

Posted on April 5th, 2016 04:12 PM EST
Reign of Kings Update R7 has been released on Steam.
This release contains some fixes for bugs, server performance, and exploits that were found which affected different areas of the game. Official servers have been wiped, as it's the first Tuesday of the month. We've also reduced the amount of official servers to encourage more players on each server. We do not believe this update will require a wipe for community servers.


- Various Exploit fixes 
- Fixed issue with crest not always destroying itself when paged in and had run out of fuel 
- Made invitation event not spam and not hurt performance as much 
- Ragdolled bodies will no longer block loot sacks and other interactions where they spawn. 
- Changes to the auto-ban system to make it stricter. 
- Removed a faulty auto-ban test based on collision-clipping. 
- Loot bags now combine by age, instead of velocity. 
- Added local hardware info to the /buildreport. 
- Fixed the /buildreport command not making a build for the client. 
- Added stream pooling to help optimize the networking on the server and client. 
- Fixed a bug on logout that would sometimes make the server freeze when copying the player's inventory to the sleeper. 
- Fixed several performance issues across the codebase with regards to networking. 
- Added the Reign Of Kings logo in the first scene instead of the tiny ROK icon. 
- Improved the performance of the SyncManager when it registers a new object.

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