Reign of Kings Update R2

Posted on January 7th, 2016 04:32 PM EST
Reign of Kings Update R2 has been released on Steam.

This release contains some internal fixes for bugs we've encountered since release. We did some deep profiling of the engine, and hopefully rooted out some server performance, and issues with blocks disappearing. We will also be wiping the servers tomorrow morning. However, we plan to keep the servers without a wipe until then as we wish to monitor certain aspects of this patch on live servers. For community servers, please keep in mind that this patch may require a wipe due to it's changing of internal systems.

Bug Fixes: 

- Decay no longer stores zones that are crests, and therefore will not instantly delete areas that have been uncrested 
- Paging will no longer instantiate duplicate crests on the off chance that it is caught loading 
- Made sure that blocks which are loading, but not fully loaded, will now function properly on saves 
- Fixed an issue with invitations spamming the server and killing some server performance 
- Decay was a little performance hungry on the server, this has been improved 
- Improved the performance impact from a player logging in. 

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