Illyria-Rp-Vote Rewards,Kits,Grand Exchange+MoreVote Rewards+More


Hostname [00ff00] Illyria-Rp[ffffff]-[ff0000]-Vote Rewards,Kits,Grand Exc
Status Online Checked <1 minute ago
Players 2 / 20
Location United States of America United States of America
Version R14
Platform Windows
Map StormWall
Registered by Dragonbones
Registered since April 12th, 2017 04:53 PM EST
Last update April 17th, 2017 02:48 PM EST
Tag(s) Community Ping Limit Survival

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Uptime 100%
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We are an Eu Server who has only some rules and our admins dont abuse their rights. But please dont perma raid someone ok :D

1.Kit /kit StarterKit
3.duell to not kill a player /defy Name to accept the other player need to write /defy
4.If you see admin fly or something we plan an event or build an event place.
5.Bounty Plugin
6.To form alliances do /alliancecommands

/setbountyname - sets the name of the bounty target
/setbountyresource - sets the bounty resource
/setbountyamount - sets the resource amount
/setbounty - Confirms the bounty
/bounties - View all active bounties on players
6. Grand Exchange /gehelp

Raid rules: number 1: seige is always allowed unless if the guild is offline. You do not need to declare war in order to seige. Number 2: war can be declared as long as both guilds are evenly matched in players and they both have seige equipment. Number 3: crest can only be destroyed in war. Number 4: you cannot seige any of the staffs bases unless you are at war with them. Number 5: an staff must be on for a war to occur. They will judge if the rp reason for war is worthy enough for the battle.

Guild/player rules: number 1: for a guild to participate in war, they must need a minimum of 4 players on their side with a maximum of 8. ( allies are included aswell) number 2: 5 crest is the maximum for a guild. Number 3: you must have 3 guild members minimum in total to have a steel crest. Number 4: do not name your character or type in chat a racial or sexuality offense. Number 5: your in-game name must match your personel at all times. EX: Derrick the assassin wears a leather helmet and kills his enemy's in a stealth manor.

Base rules: number 1: you cannot build near the throne or at the kings premisice without his permission, otherwise he can kos and seige your base offline. Number 2: every base must follow the laws of gravity otherwise your base will be destroyed without warning. Number 3: your base must have a door/gate/bridge to enter the base. Number 4: if offensive paintings and signs of some sort are found, your base will be removed. Number 5: no building under bridges.

Kos rules: number 1: you can kos anywhere expect for the victims crest zones unless you are at war with them. (If you happened to hit the victim and they reach their crest zone while your chasing them, you are allowed to continue killing them) Number 2: you cannot kill the same person twice in a single reign of kings day. Number 3: robbery can occur anywhere at anytime you just have to announce it in global chat. Give the victim 15 seconds to respond. If they run, draw a weapon, or don't cooperate at all, then you have the right to kill them.

Kos rules: number 4: roping players is only allowed when the stars are out. ( NO THE SUN DOES NOT COUNT AS A STAR) Number 5: if you die in a war, you are no longer allowed to participate. (Staff will always be on during a war so if you want to spectate, ask to spectate along with them)

Kings rules: number 1: the king must have a defense to protect the throne. Number 2: the king is allowed to ask anybody for food, 1 resource, armour etc. If his taxes are below 3%.number 3: if you are a queen, you can only be killed at the thrones premisice area. Number 4: you must bow to the king if he speaks to you. Number 5: king has to place taxes at 0% when he logs off. If he/she forgets, the wall or castles crest will be removed.