Reign of Kings Alpha 13

Posted on May 8th, 2015 05:23 AM EST
Reign of Kings Alpha 13 has been released on Steam.

This update contains a number of fixes on some issues we were seeing since the major Unity5 engine change. Official servers have been wiped, and we recommend for community servers to also wipe after the update. We hope to have fixed a number of inventory related issues such as items mysteriously removing or being swapped randomly. 

EAC has also updated today, and a number of hacks should no longer work. Do not hack or you risk having your account banned from using the game. 

Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server:

Looking to the future, we are working on a decay system, and are getting close to finishing it. But it did not make it in time for this update, it should hopefully allow us to extend the time between wipes. We also plan to start working on different traps (bear trap, spike traps, pressure plate spike trap), wooden drawbridge, Massive War Hammers, Heavy Morningstar Maces, and more. Alongside further bug fixes and hack prevention. We plan to resume our 2-3 week update cycle. 


- Added small Falling Leaf particles when chopping trees 


- Player skin is about 50% brighter (now more similar to Alpha 11) 
- Ambient light from ground more dynamic 
- Bloom effect a bit more common 
- Some specular highlights will have bloom now 
- Night made a bit darker 

Bug Fixes: 

- Potential fixes for inventory items disappearing or swapping. 
- The item cache can now be saved after a player disconnects. 
- Items inserted into an occupied cache slot will now take the next available slot. 
- Items De-serialized with a cache hit as the wrong type or quantity will be reconstructed. 
- Removed underwater air pocket in lake 
- Fixed a bug that would spam "Server is restarting..." if a server fails to shut down. 
- Potential fix for players getting launched by trees 
- Ballista retains it's last aim direction when you begin aiming 
- Ground Torches and Low Quality Tables fixed to have batch size of 1 
- Fixed interact range on Ancient Crown Pedestal 
- Swamp Ambient sounds should stop playing sooner after leaving the biome 
- Wind sounds shouldn't cut off as harshly 
- Chickens killed in distant pages won't become giants 
- Dejembe Drum can no longer be placed on walls/ceilings fixing an exploit 
- Fixed a bug that would not allow player specific formats for name, chat or guild. 
- Fixed dropped item sacks that wouldn't remove themselves after 10 minutes. All dropped item sacks should now remove after 10 minutes. 

Design Changes: 

- Ballista bolts now do 100 damage was 60. 
- Trebuchet stones now do 900 damage was 500. Scaling of damage and radius of damage has also been better balanced when firing multiple trebuchet stones. 
- Trebuchet explosion radius increases by up to 50% depending on ammunition quantity 

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