Reign of Kings Alpha 12

Posted on May 2nd, 2015 09:27 AM EST
Reign of Kings Alpha 12 has been released on Steam.

This weeks update contains some massive changes. Official servers have been wiped, and you will need to also wipe your community servers after the update due to extensive changes. 

We've switched the engine to Unity5 from Unity4. This process took quite sometime, as many key areas changed such as rendering and physics. As a result, you should notice a number of performance improvements. The physics engine is now multi-threaded, and there are additional improvements to the rendering and rendering pipeline. Big bases should now also run much faster, and block LOD's should switch faster due to our own improvements. 

We've also incorporated some more anti-hacking features such as fly detection and teleport detection. It is a config option that servers can turn on if they wish. The first ban waves were handed out as well this week, 377 hackers were banned from game via EAC for using a $13 dollar hack. Do not hack or you risk having your account banned from using the game. 

Please follow this guide for properly updating your community server, as the save file location has changed:

We've also added a few new items, such as the Sawmill, Spinning Wheel, and various Costumes. The Sawmill is a new refining station require to turn wood into lumber. Costumes can be created at the Spinning Wheel along with the banners. 

Going forward, we look forward to fixing bugs discovered from this update, working on further anti-cheat systems, and will be working on a decay system for old bases/floating bases that sit dormant on server too long to help clean up servers and further push the time between wipes. 


- Added New Loading Screen wallpaper 
- Added Lumber Resource 
- Added Sawmill (refines wood into lumber) 
- Added Flower, Fern and Hay Armor costumes 
- Added Spinning Wheel (used to create costumes, other cloth related items) 
- Added hit particle effects/sound effects on all items 
- Added Gather sounds to plants missing them 
- Added terrain parallax mapping on higher settings 
- Added Salvage system. Players can now salvage items outside of crest zones with normal weapons, the harvesting tools are the fastest at salvaging. Be sure to keep your items secure in crest zones 


- Improved fog in Plague Village 
- Sharper UI elements at lower resolutions (720p) 
- Terrain material quality option added to settings 
- Improved lighting effects 
- Updated Plague Village model 
- Damaged items now display when holding a Repair Hammer 
- Character walking is more snappy, takes slightly longer to accelerate up to a full run. 
- Applied smoothing to third person camera. 
- Converted ragdolls to use Unity 5 Physics. 
- Added optional hack detection systems for flying, teleporting and hovering characters. Can turn on in server config settings. 
- Ramps and Stairs now have destruction particles like blocks 
- Default lobby menu sorting is now Ping > Name. 
- Sorting the lobby by player count now ignores the player limit. 
- All items moved into and out of your inventory will now display a counter. 
- Improvements to saving the identity of individual items. 
- Items will no longer be duplicated when placed into distant containers. 
- Empty item stacks now show in your inventory and can be destroyed without rituals. 
- Removed the guest permission group since it is now redundant since players cannot play without being registered. 
- Moved the save location into the Saves/ folder next to the server exe file. This save location can be configured in the Configuration/ServerSettings.cfg 
- Added the option to change the steamAuthentication timeout. If your players are continuously getting the "Failed to authenticate steam" error try increasing this value. 
- Improved the logging system for debugging purposes. (disabled by default) 
- Added a permission to join a full server. 'codehatch.login.ignore.playerlimit' 
- The server name, password, and max players can now be set while the server is running using the /config command. (This updates the values live) 


- Greatly improved 3D tileset LOD changing performance 
- New rendering pipeline used, less CPU render time as a result 
- Rope performance/stability improvements. 

Bug Fixes: 

- Fixed a couple memory leaks on the server 
- Characters no longer slide down slopes. 
- Fixed rain sound pause 
- Fixed invisible beach rocks 
- Fixed skybox rip on lower draw distances 
- Fixed a crash relating to projectiles and terrain 
- Nonlocal players should now see blood when hit with a projectile 
- Explosion particle effect for trebuchet more consistantly placed 
- Can't shoot through items if really close now 
- Lord's bed now properly allows you to respawn at it 
- Fixed broken players due to capture while disabled because of paging 
- Fixed no build zone in Ravens Treasure Tree 
- Saving when you finish your First Character Creation is more robust 
- Prefabs now face the proper direction when placing 
- Well is no longer invincible 
- Various audio tweaks/fixes 
- God mode now works again for server admins 

Design Changes: 

- Due to community feedback, removed melee swing movement slowdown 
- Blocks and prefab under 90% health cannot no longer be picked up. You will have to repair them first. 
- You can no longer build blocks over destroyed block rubble 
- Some armor sets (Steel & Iron) did not have proper defense value set on some peices. Should become more protective now. 
- Repair Hammer now uses materials to repair and repairs items via swinging at it over time 
- Siege weapons now shoot slower 
- Made projectiles more consistent in what they hit 
- Items held while aiming a ballista are now put away 
- You can now only load up to 5 Trebuchet stones at a time in your Trebuchet, used to be infinite amount 
- Charcoal is produced faster. 
- Fire materials burn for 5 minutes, down from 15. 
- Charcoal will now be produced by fires based on fuel, instead of input. 
• Trebuchet Stone now siege damages for 500 was (1500) 
• Ballista Bolt now siege damages for 60 was (500) 
• Cobblestone block had HP increased to 6000 was (4500) 
• Reinforced wood had HP increased to 9000 was (6000) 
• Stone block had HP increased to 12000 was (9000) 
• Iron Door had HP increased to 9000 was (6000) 
• Reinforced Wood (Iron) had HP increased to 4500 was (3000) 
• Reinforced Wood (Iron) trap had HP increased to 4500 was (3000) 
• Reinforced Wood (Steel) had HP increased to 6000 was (4500) 
• Stone Arch had HP increased to 12000 was (9000) 
• Iron Gate had HP increased to 15000 was (12000) 
• Reinforced Wood (Iron) had HP increased to 12000 was (9000) 
• Iron Bar Window had HP increased to 9000 was (6000) 
• Stone Slit Window had HP increased to 12000 was (9000) 
• Iron Crest had HP increased to 3000 was (1000) 
• Leather Crest had HP increased to 1500 was (500) 
• Steel Crest had HP increased to 6000 was (2000) 

• Lumber now replaces wood when crafting the following items: 
o Reinforced Wood (Iron) blocks, ramps, stairs 
o Steel Chest 
o Large Gallows 
o Small Gallows 
o Deer Head Trophy 
o Gazebo 
o High Quality Bed 
o High Quality Bench 
o High Quality Cabinet 
o Lord's Bed 
o Lord's Large Chair 
o Lord's Small Chair 
o Medium Quality Bed 
o Medium Quality Bench 
o Medium Quality Bookcase 
o Medium Quality Chair 
o Medium Quality Dresser 
o Medium Quality Stool 
o Medium Quality Table 
o Rocking Horse 
o Siegeworks 
o Ballista 
o Trebuchet 

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