Progress Report #2

Posted on April 27th, 2015 08:34 AM EST
Unfortunately we are not yet able to release our next update with contains the Unity5 upgrade this week. We tried really hard, and came really close to release, however, in our final testing we found a couple bugs that deal with animal spawning that have to be fixed in order to proceed. And we are having trouble pinning down the exact cause, so we cannot give an exact timeline, but hope to have the update out sometime next week. We plan not to wipe servers until next week, as the update will require a wipe, and we did not want to wipe and then have to wipe again next week (could be early or later in week). 

The game is running much better as a result of Unity5, and also contains graphical improvements. Large bases especially run much faster. There were many things we had to update and change in order to get the project working well with Unity5, hence the extra time this update is taking. 

Aside from that, the next update will contain a sawmill, spinning wheel, some outfits, and many bug fixes. We are also working on more hack prevention, and EAC plans to do an update next week to also help with this as well. 

- The Code}{atch Team

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