Reign of Kings Alpha 10

Posted on April 5th, 2015 03:50 PM EST
Reign of Kings Alpha 10 has been released on Steam.

This update is a bit of a smaller one as it is mainly bug fixes and some design changes. There is also a new small layer of anti-hack prevention, servers can turn it on through their configuration file. Official servers are also being wiped with this release (we recommend community servers to wipe, but it is their choice). 

Unfortunately, the major anti-hacking work that is going on at the studio was not ready in time for the weekend. We understand that hacking remains a major issue, and we are working our hardest to help prevent it, it is our top priority. 

The integration of EasyAntiCheat is coming very well, our engineers have been working with the EAC engineers to ensure it is integrated correctly. We hope to have it released in the next week or two. As well, we have another major layer of hack prevention coming from our own studio to allign with the release of EAC. We thank everyone for their patience. 

As with the last update - Due to the current anti-hacking layers, modding of the game is not permitted at this time, this would include language packs or other localization attempts. Please verify the integrity of your game cache and keep your DLLs and game files unmodified to avoid unwanted banning or being added to a ban list. If you are unsure you can verify your game files through steam by selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." in your game's properties under "Local Files". 

If you got auto-banned and did not try hack - How to verify your game after update (your files need to be verified): 

Alpha 10: 

New Additions: 

- New overworld song 


- Ballista interaction is toggleable 
- Can fire ballista in zoom mode with the E key 
- Default guild name now includes players name 

Bug Fixes: 

- Minor GUI performance improvements. 
- Whitelist now gets the current name of each known player on reload. 
- Whitelist notes are now properly updated when a player is re-assigned to the list. 
- The Ancient Crown can no longer be duplicated by dropping it from its armor slot. 
- Chat flooding now silences a player for a few seconds. 
- Improved the applying of character data to remove color flashing when you update your character, loadyour character, respawn, or equip armor. 
- Fixed Torches breaking when extinguished by water 
- Several sound tweaks and fixes 
- Character voice should load more reliably 
- Guild Banner should update more reliably 
- Animation Gestures while holding a bow should work properly 
- All songs have a more normalized volume level 
- Kings Chests arent floating anymore 
- Can more easily hit resource nodes 
- Can't build directly around resource nodes 
- Crests should recover properly from server restarts 
- Made third person on bows shoot closer to the crosshair 
- Weapons will collide with a wall when you swing while pressed up against one, rather than harmlessly passing through it 

Design Changes: 

- Sod blocks now take 5 dirt to craft (was 10). 
- Thatch blocks now take 5 sticks to craft (was 10). 
- Clay blocks now take 10 clay to craft (was 20), and have 1500 HP (was 2000 HP). 
- Stick blocks now take 10 sticks to craft (was 20), and have 1500 HP (was 2000 HP). 
- Wood blocks not take 30 wood to craft (was 40). 
- Log blocks now take 70 wood to craft (was 80). 
- Cobble stone blocks now take 30 stone to craft (was 35). 
- Stone slab now requires 2 charcoal (was 1), 4 water and 60 stone (was 50) to craft. 
- Ballista now requires 25 flax (was 30) 10 iron ingots (was 500) and 500 wood to craft (was 5). 
- Batch of ten ballista bolts now requires 25 flax (was 80), 200 wood and 2 iron ingots (was steel ingots) to craft. 
- Trebuchet now requires 50 flax (was 100), 2000 wood (was 1200) and 25 iron ingots to craft. 
- Trebuchet stone now requires 50 stone (was 150) to craft. 
- Iron bar windows now cost 2 iron ingots (was 4) to craft. 
- Stone slit window not cost 1 clay and 1 stone slab to craft (was 20 stone). 
- Wood shutters now cost 30 wood (was 10) to craft. 
- Nourishment update, the amount that hydration drops when moving has been reduced significantly. 
- Bent Horn now requires 10 bone and 5 iron (was 1) to craft. 
- Guillotine now requires 250 wood and 4 steel ingots (was 8) to craft. 
- Large iron hanging cage now requires 90 iron ingots (was 100) to craft. 
- Steel cage now requires 95 steel ingots (was 120 iron ingots) to craft. 

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