Reign of Kings Alpha 9

Posted on March 31st, 2015 07:41 PM EST
Reign of Kings Alpha 9 has been released on Steam.

The game received a small update. Servers do not need to be wiped for this update, however, be sure to update your community servers so everyone can connect to them. This should help keep your lobby lists functioning with an previous copy incase the live lobby server is swamped. A good portion of the team was attending to the lobby server during the DDoS attacks, another portion of the team is attending to the Easy Anti-Cheat integration, so this update isn't very big or exciting. 


- Clients will now save a copy of their last successful lobby query. When a query fails, this copy is loaded for reference. 
- The lobby will now allow you to connect to other game versions, however the server will still deny the wrong version. (See above) 
- Sorting the lobby by player count now favours online players over capacity. 
- Console messages are now limited to 128 characters. 
- Symbols have been removed from chat. Colours, bold, underline, etc... 

Design Changes: 

- Wood blocks now 40 wood instead of 50. 
- Log blocks now 80 wood instead of 100. 


- Flask no longer tethered to left hand after gathering water 
- Its no longer possible to capture throne after dying next to throne while still in a capture pop up menu

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