Reign of Kings Alpha 15

Posted on June 14th, 2015 02:26 PM EST
Reign of Kings Alpha 15 has been released on Steam with many new features, design changes and bug fixes.


- New map "Stormwall". This map is roughly 1.6x bigger than the last map, it has been designed with siege warfare in mind. Players will now have to completely build around the throne in order to protect it. We feel this map gives a very different feel from the current one. 
- New song 
- New loading screen wallpaper 
- 3D Tileset system prevents building floating bases 
- When blocks are destroyed, any unsupported blocks will collapse, as well as any placed objects on the blocks 
- Destroyed containers drop their contents into loot sack (Collapsing buildings will give you all the loot!) 
- Added wearable Tabard - shows your guild emblem and color, can be worn over any armor 
- Added jumping animation 
- Flying animals now spawn in the world again (seagulls, bats, pigeons) 
- Added Crab to the game 
- Added several Masks to the game 
- Added Plague Doctor Helmet which reduces Plague damage by 75% 
- Added Defensive Barricade 
- Added Wooden Ledge 
- Added Log Fence 
- Added Wood Drawbridge 
- Added in Bone Long Bow 
- Added Executioners Axe 
- Added Iron Dagger 
- Crests are now upgradable no longer requiring a replace 
- Haybale trebuchet ammo added 
- Carrot & Cabbages now a gather-able item. 
- Three types of dead harvest-able trees added to game. 
- More variety of collectable rocks added. 


- Trebuchets must now fully unpack before you can use them. This prevents people from "pocket trebbing" someones base in a few minutes. 
- Reduced hostile creature knock-back on attacks 
- Can no longer place crests under water 
- Increased maximum draw distance can change this in the settings screen 
- Grass can now be disabled in settings for framerate increases 
- 3D Tileset particle effects pooled for performance 
- Water shaders improved 
- 2 lights can cast shadows at a time (up from 1) 
- The Ancient Throne is now a tiny bit more shiny. 
- Added an auto-run key bind. 
- Custom key binds have been reset. 
- Station upgrades can now be cancelled, should you feel the need. 
- Explosions should no longer: be square, kill players through walls, fail to damage objects when an entity escapes the blast radius. 
- Item icons now position correctly when the same type or quantity are removed and added successively. 
- Crafting stations are less likely to withhold items from players. 
- The Granary and Well will now pinch more pennies for the king when paged out / in. 
- The 'Censor Blood' option now disables violent loading screens. 
- Siege ammunition can no longer be equipped to your hotbar. 
- A simple message will display deaths / kills between the involved players. 
- Selecting a 'History' versioned server in the lobby will notify players that entering a password is optional. 
- New server console that starts and monitors it's server and restarts it if it freezes. (Server.exe) 
- Added a /ping command. 
- Added multi-level support to the server config files. 
- Removed the Game Mode config value because it was not actually used. 
- Fixed a bug that would ignore the server fps cap. 
- Added a config option to adjust the server fps cap. (Higher fps caps will consume more cpu power) 
- Previous saves are no longer compatible with the current version. 
- Added a maze shape command - EX: /build maze 11 
- Added a ball shape command - EX: /build ball 11 
- Added a box shape command - EX: /build box 11 


- When there's a lot of lights around, lights further away will have a reduced emissive range using our new light LOD system 
- Forest / grass spawning creates less stutters 
- Did a lot of optimizations on the logging. 

Bug Fixes: 

- Fixed some bugs related to characters being reset or their inventory being reset after log in. 
- Logging in and out 200 MB at time memory leak fixed 
- Fix the sleeper and player falling through blocks on log out 
- Fix an issue with paging where blocks could be consistently removed if non-existent block id was present 
- Sign painting color preview accurate to actual paint color 
- Face Bashing animation animates legs properly 
- Fixed water gathering sound only playing once 
- Oxygen levels are now saved/loaded on logout/login 
- Fixed exploit where you could jump off your own torches (or candles) 
- Patched more Kings Head hole exploits on small map 
- Doors now have large colliders to prevent certain exploits 
- If logout to far above the terrain or going to fast in the -y the player is killed to fix sleeper fall damage exploit 
- Fixed an exploit with showing name tags. 
- Character customization won't happen at origin 
- Fixed some major bugs with the /permission command. It can now be used again. 
- Fixed some bugs related to steam authentication. 
- Fixed some bugs that made the screen black and made it impossible to logout. 

Design Changes: 

- All melee weapons where rebalanced. Overhand swings do more damage and take longer. Jabs are faster, have greater reach but do less damage. Stamina use between weapons types, blocking and feigning has be updated. 
- Player now gathers 3 water at a time instead of 1. 
- Resource nodes now spawn 250 resource instead of 100. 
- Ramps and stairs now take the same salvage damage as blocks.

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