Progress Report #3

Posted on May 16th, 2015 05:59 AM EST
This past week we've been really busy working on some new features, bug fixes, and hack prevention. And we've decided not to wipe yet this weekend, but rather sometime mid-end of next week. 

In the last day we've increased the anti-hack prevention on our official servers, it has been working really well so far, and EAC is much more potent now, and caught a bunch of hacks that people were reportedly paying monthly to use. We plan to roll out this update on community servers in the near future. Many hackers have been perma-banned, which unfortunately has resulted in a number of new negative reviews in the past day (We can see this by comparing the steam accounts posting neg reviews to our ban lists). I guess it's just the way she goes, but were happy to try and make a positive difference for our fair players. 

As for the new features, were working hard on traps, a wooden drawbridge, heavy war hammers, heavy morning star maces, paintable or engravable signs, and more. The types of traps will include spikes to place on the wall and floor. A pressure plate spike trap, which triggers if you step on it. A bear trap, a spike barricade, and a blade pillar are the other types of traps in development. 

We're also working on item buffs for the musical instruments and whips. The plan is when played/used they will buff nearby guild members. For example, whipping someone will deliver them jolts of stamina at a cost of 1 health. Playing the war drums will boost stamina regen by a small amount to nearby guild members so long as the drums are played near them. Etc. 

Siege will also be getting some changes, when your crest area is under siege (treb hits your blocks), you will no longer be able to place any blocks for 2 minutes from the last stone hitting your base. Repairs will still be allowed. We believe this will stop players from insta-spawning blocks in the air in the middle of a siege battle, and encourage them to design better bases to withstand a siege. 

The decay system is also coming well, and is nearly done. If a guild crest is not re-fueled with a small amount of wood in roughly a week, it will disappear and then your base will then start to decay over time. We believe this type of system will really help us extend the time between server wipes. We plan to explain this to players in-game to avoid confusion. 

We're also getting started on some base backend code work that will eventually allow the player to hold 2 items at a time, this will lead to a highly requested feature that will come in wooden, iron, and steel variants - (hint... What type of object was made out of wood and bought for 40 rupees in Zelda: Ocarina of Time?). 

- The Code}{atch Team

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